Super Paradise Beach, it’s the most amazing southern beach in Mykonos with multiple merits – It has crystal clear blue waters, is protected from the harsh north winds, resulting in a gentle landscape, and the beach sand is of medium aggregate.
The resort is cradled amphitheatrically in between two large ranges of spectacular rock formations, acting as a central backdrop, to the famous SUPER PARADISE beach.Beach activities include swimming, nude bathing, water sports, scuba diving and partying at the famous beach bars and restaurants


Mykonos is definitely a seductive wonderland; a see-and-be-seen destination that you should never act star-struck and you will surely enjoy exploring!
In the all things bold and beautiful island of Mykonos, scattered across a steep rocky slope above the island’s most renowned Psarou Beach stands Villa Thelgo; an unbeatable complex of four elegant houses designed around the Mykonian traditions and architecture with stunning views out to Psarou, Platys Gialos, Paranga and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.
Built in duets, Houses One and Two are the first to encounter driving up the private road while Houses Three and Four are a few stone-built steps away from the private parking.
And down bellow on a lower level dominates the shared swimming pool that is accessed via handcrafted stone stairways from all houses.
Simplicity and elegance are the elements that echo everywhere while Mykonos’ dazzling palette is setting the tone inside out in each house with white dominating the scene while the sugar-sweet pastels are adding their special touch.
Villa Thelgo is without a single doubt the perfect place to kick-back and relax in comfort while indulging yourselves to the pleasures of Mykonos.
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