How To Spend New Year’s Eve In Athens

Despite hard times, Greeks show that they know how to enjoy life. This is even more striking during the holiday season, as you will witness yourselves if you are visiting Athens this winter. As a lively and dynamic European capital, every year Athens goes all out to celebrate the New Year.

Here are a few suggestions for a memorable New Year’s Eve in the heart of Athens.

Christmas in Athens - 5 Things to do if you are in Athens this Christmas

Greece is always considered to be more of a summer destination, however traveling during the winter season here is a great idea! First, of, the city is less crowded than during the summer, so you’ll get a more quiet and authentic experience of the city. Greek Christmas traditions remain a deep-rooted part of the culture and you will have the opportunity to see the way Greeks celebrate one of their favorite holidays.

Athens Walking Tours: Explore the area around Acropolis

Acropolis is the most famous and popular sight in Greece. You can’t visit Athens and not see the Acropolis, admire the remains of the ancient civilization while taking a look at the breathtaking view from the top of the Parthenon. And while you are there, take a stroll in the area around the Acropolis and explore the area and its hidden treasures.

First stop is The Ancient Agora. Of all Athens' ruins, the famed marketplace of Ancient Agora makes the most fitting start to your sightseeing. It stands testament to Athens' status as a cradle of Western civilization. Back in Socrates and Plato's day, it was the heart of public life, and among the site's extensive excavations you'll find temples, a concert hall, and long, colonnaded arcades.